Give Your Child the Gift of Childcare with Education Early On

Stimulate development through an early childhood education program

Nothing is more important than the care of your child. At Helping Hands, our childcare program goes beyond the traditional needs of care. Here you will find we want your child to become well rounded emotionally, socially, physically and academically by focusing on the educational side of your childcare needs. Our licensed child care facility offers full day programs for children ranging from babies to five-year-olds. Your children will be well cared for, with access to:

• Healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks
• 10 primary teachers and teaching assistants
An indoor playground
• Socialization with children in the same age range

Helping Hands gives our children all of this and so much more when they come to our facility. Call to learn more about the curriculum at Helping Hands Early Education Center.

Equipping Children With the Keys to Success

Part of early childhood education is developing well-rounded, socialized individuals. Helping Hands Early Education Center places emphasis on developing their social, physical and emotional skills to equip them with tools they'll need later in life. Our curriculum is specially designed according to your children's ages to set them up for success. Click here to learn more about our curriculum. The goal of our facility is to create a safe, fun environment in which they can explore, develop their skills and begin their education. Schedule a tour of the Helpings Hands facility to see where your children will be cultivating valuable life skills!

Instilling Confidence at a Young Age Through Education

Helping Hands Early Education Center is dedicated to sending well-rounded children out into the world. Once they pass through these halls, it's our job to ensure they have all of the skills needed to go forth and be successful. Our certified educators implement a specialized curriculum into their lesson plans that encourages healthy development through education, socialization and motor skill development. Watch your child blossom more and more every day that they pay us a visit! Click or call to learn more about Helping Hands Early Education Center.

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